Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Christmas Heart

The Christmas Heart varies from person to person and when you are out in the midst of the crowds you can see what people are doing and how they are approaching Christmas.

There are the:


This is the time of the year that people are celebrating Christ, the stores are packed with people overwhelmed with shopping and buying more stuff that someone else thinks that they need, more stuff..... and if they really understood the meaning and not the materialism then they would understand the greatest free gift from our Father is"HIS SON".

People that Love others and want to portray Jesus in their actions.

There are people that take this time to buy food for the homeless or toys for children that won't get  anything at all, they seek out people that would like to be visited, giving a call to check in. Or bringing someone to church, to the doctor or out for lunch. These people care and step out to do things that are loving, noble and a way to care.

The heart is plainly shown as a representative of Jesus heart.

So I say to you, have you slowed down enough to realize what Christmas is really all about?

Let your heart be filled with the Savior for who we are celebrating the free gift that we have been given in Him, who came in to save the world.